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Add value, credibility, and stand out in your industry with the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) program–a comprehensive training for attorneys and legal professionals who wish to provide better services for their divorcing clients.

Divorce professionals are in high demand.
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What CDS Designees Are Saying...

“The Certified Divorce Specialist program is a well-developed training highlighting methods and practices best suited to improve communication between the divorce professional and the client."
Theodore Alatsas, ESQ.
Family Law Attorney
"I never expected to gain such an awareness of how other professions work with divorcing families. The theories and techniques I learned will no doubt give me a new lens in which to work with my clients”
Sammi Siegel, PH.D, LMHC
"No psychobabble here... just easy, relatable information. The course was instructive, interactive, and NEVER boring, thanks to the enthusiasm and creative approach from the instructor, Liz Becker."
Rhonda Sherwin
Financial Counselor
"I learned so much... and also met amazing group of family law attorneys, mental health and financial professionals. It was a very informative and educational training session and I truly enjoyed it!"
Olga P. Herbert, CFE
Senior Forensic Accountant
"An excellent experiential workshop that will certainly add tremendous value... Expect to grow personally and professionally by participating in this well organized, top notch program”
Laurie Dubow
Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage Broker
“This left me feeling more empowered and prepared to work with divorcing clients, and honestly, ANY client!”
Marianela Collado
CPA & Certified Financial Planner

Why Legal Professionals Become Certified Divorce Specialists

Not having the right information or proper tools for divorcing clients will usually lead to unhappy clients, with even unhappier results.

The process for divorcing individuals is challenging enough, the last thing you want is to complicate it for you, your client and their families. Our research and firsthand experience has led us to understand the main challenges attorneys and legal professionals face when servicing divorcing clients and that is exactly why we developed this exclusive training.

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Step up & Stand Out.

The Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) Training is for legal professionals who provide services for divorcing clients.

As a CDS®, you’ll possess the unique skill set to provide valuable divorce-specific guidance for low and high conflict divorce cases. This program will provide you the tools to overcome common obstacles most attorneys experience with divorcing clients and ultimately improve the experience for all parties involved.

About the Program

This CDS program is a highly involved and participatory 16-hour course. It consists of a specialized communication skills training with a focus on integrating those skills in a client-session environment. It also highlights specific legal, financial, mental health, and real estate information that are integral to the divorce process. The CDS curriculum is filled with experiential learning, including a comprehensive manual, several exercises, and time to practice your new skills. You are sure to come out of the training enlightened and empowered.


Essential communication skills you need to understand and work with divorcing clients to build and maintain a productive client relationship. Helping you break through resistance and gain more cooperation.

Language & Culture

How to understand the unique language and culture of the divorce process and the specific needs and wants your clients may have. From terminology to traditions, we cover a wide range of important topics all divorce professionals should know.


The holistic fundamental elements of the divorce process through its various stages, including the instrumental professionals and industries. Know whom, how and when to bring into the case to help support you and your client.

CDS Corporate Training

For companies & practices who provide services to divorcing clients.  Become a CDS Aligned business by having your staff trained to…

CE/CLE Approved Credits

Be the professional they are looking for.