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As the over $3 billion coaching industry continues to to grow , it’s becoming increasingly vital to differentiate yourself from the competition. The key to becoming a sought-after expert is specialization, and divorce coaching is a rapidly expanding niche with a soaring demand. Add value, credibility, and stand out to prospective clients with the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS®) designation.

What CDS® Professionals Are Saying...

"I often weigh decisions in terms of 'investment & return.' If it's a financial investment, I seek a return on my money. If it's an investment of time, I desire a sense of accomplishment. In this case, the decision to 'invest' both money & time in the Certified Divorce Specialist (CDS) training has been one of my best by far! The 'return' from the training has already started to pay off! I've been able to add new techniques & more specific information to my divorce consulting practice! I highly recommend the training!"
Theresa Collins
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
"I highly recommend the Certified Divorce Specialist training for new as well as established professionals whose mission is to help clients have a successful outcome in divorce. The training Liz Becker provided was instrumental in my development and success as a Divorce Coach focused on families with children with disabilities, to better help them through the complexities of Special Needs Divorce."
Mary Anne Hughes
Special Needs Divorce Coach & Consultant
"When you're working with a divorcing client, it is not only critical that you understand the ins and outs of divorce, but that you pay as much importance to their emotional needs and ability to process heavy information at a very vulnerable time. Very rarely do you find a program that combines both aspects, and the CDS training does just that. From best divorce practices to learning how to connect and communicate effectively, this training gave me the tools to feel even more confident in working with divorcing clients, and if I'm being honest, in my personal relationships as well."
Michelle Dempsey-Multack
Divorce & Co-parenting Specialist
mandy fineberg
"This course was very enriching and complements my knowledge of the subject matter. It was very valuable as it gave me a comprehensive and holistic approach to divorce so I will be better equipped to help my clients. Liz Becker is fantastic and only leaves you wanting to learn more."
Mandy Fineberg
Mental Health Counselor, Divorce Coach & Child Behavioral Specialist
melissa crop 2
"I loved spending two days with Liz and her team. I was pleasantly surprised by how many NLP techniques were featured in the training. The skills I learned are a fantastic addition to my client sessions but also, on a personal level, can be used in everyday life. Liz's energy and passion for the topics are infectious and kept me engaged for the full two days."
Melissa Kalil
Certified Professional Coach
gaylen cropped
"Thank you for the depth and breadth of information around divorce. The variety of professional speakers offered a wealth of information. There is a specific and unique way to effective communicating with clients specifically going through divorce - learning this technique is priceless!"
Gaylen Cragin
Divorce Coach
"I never expected to gain such an awareness of how other professions work with divorcing families. The theories and techniques I learned will no doubt give me a new lens in which to work with my clients”
Sammi Siegel, PH.D, LMHC

Divorce Professionals are in high demand.
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Why Certified Coaches Become Certified Divorce Specialists (CDS®)

Not having the right information or proper tools for divorcing clients will usually lead to unhappy clients, with even unhappier results.

The process of coaching can be very challenging when working with clients going through significant life transitions, especially when it comes to divorce. As a certified coach, you want to ensure that you don’t add unnecessary complications for yourself, your clients, and those around them. Extensive research and hands-on experience have allowed us to comprehend the primary hurdles that coaches encounter while assisting clients navigating divorce. It is precisely for this reason that we have designed this exclusive training program, aimed at equipping you with the specialized skills to effectively support individuals during these crucial periods of their lives.

Step up & Stand Out.

The CDS Program is highly beneficial for various types of coaches who provide valuable services to divorcing clients

As a CDS® designee, you’ll possess the unique skill set to provide valuable divorce-specific guidance for low and high conflict divorce cases. This program will provide you the tools to overcome common obstacles most coaches with divorcing clients and ultimately improve the experience for all parties involved.

About the Program

This CDS program is a highly involved and participatory 16-hour course. It consists of a specialized communication skills training with a focus on integrating those skills in a client-session environment. It also highlights specific legal, financial, mental health, and real estate information that are integral to the divorce process. The CDS curriculum is filled with experiential learning, including a comprehensive manual, several exercises, and time to practice your new skills. You are sure to come out of the training enlightened and empowered.


Essential communication skills you need to understand and work with divorcing clients to build and maintain a productive client relationship. Helping you break through resistance and gain more cooperation.

Language & Culture

How to understand the unique language and culture of the divorce process and the specific needs and wants your clients may have. From terminology to traditions, we cover a wide range of important topics all divorce professionals should know.


The holistic fundamental elements of the divorce process through its various stages, including the instrumental professionals and industries. Know whom, how and when to bring into the case to help support you and your client.

Why Choose the CDS Program?

Be the professional they are looking for.